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New Season, New Brand for Metro Central

Monday, April 25, 2022 - 6:42 PM

The Metro Central region has undergone many changes over the past few seasons, but none more important than this season. The Metro Central board recently voted for an official name change for all media and social media accounts. 

The old dated 'WAFC Metro Central' brand will now become 'Metro Central Junior Football Conference'.

RDC Chairperson Travis Burrows said 'This is a significant decision to ensure the region is more reflective of its community. Mr Burrows went on to say 'This will ensure that all clubs and volunteers are aware of the new path of the RDC which aligns to our strategic plan. 

The change will mean all social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) will now undergo this change. 

As a region this is the first of many steps, with the website to follow. This will mean the eventual closure of the Royals/Swans and Demons District websites with a new Metro Central website to be born. 

Should you require more informaton contact Corey Ranger on