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Working with Children Checks for WA Football Clubs

Safeguarding young footballers

Junior football clubs play a great role in our communities, the benefits they provide to our kids is immeasurable;

Football participation in a community club helps young children;

  • Stay healthy and active
  • Develop an understanding of competition, sportsmanship and fair play
  • Develop social interaction and leadership skills?
  • Assist with motor development
  • Provide opportunities for interacting with their parents

West Australian Football Commission acknowledges that our staff, members and volunteers provide a valuable contribution to the positive experiences of our juniors. The West Australian Football Commission is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of its junior participants through the implementation of its Child Protection Policy.

WAFC aims to minimize the risk of harm to children by ensuring clubs adhere to screening procedures when employing people in positions (paid or voluntary) whose usual duties involve, or are likely to involve, contact with children (those under the age of 18 years). What is Child Related Work

Clubs are required to:

  1. Request all people in these positions obtain a Working with Children check, in accordance with the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004.

Working with Children Checks

The Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 was implemented in 2006 and makes it compulsory under legislation for all people in What is Child Related Work  (paid, volunteers or self employed) to obtain a Working with Children check.

            Some exemptions apply such as: you can see a Child Related work and WWCC Exemptions

  • Parents (see website for a definition of parent) volunteering in a club or certain activity in which their child is also involved or is ordinarily involved (this exemption does not apply to overnight camps)
  • Volunteers under 18 year of age
  • Employers of children, or adult employees who merely have contact with a minor as a fellow employee in the workplace, unless the job otherwise involves ‘child-related’ work

Also only people who work more than 5 days per calendar year in ‘child-related’ work are required to get a check.

The Working with Children Check is a comprehensive criminal record check for certain people working with children in Western Australia.

The Working with Children Check aims to increase the safety of children in our community by helping to prevent people who  have a criminal history that indicates they may harm children from working with children.

This is legislation and effects volunteers as well as paid personnel. Please check the website  for more information.

  1. Obtain completed Prohibited Persons Declarations from all persons in ‘child-related’ work.
  1. Check a person’s referees (verbal or written) and interview a person about his/her suitability for the role and his/her suitability for working with children for both paid and voluntary positions.

If you are unsure of your clubs current compliance with the Working With Children Check regulations please download and complete the WWCC Club Health Compliance Health Check